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2011-02-03 13:25:00 UTC:
The first video from the flight has been posted. More photos and videos are to be expected in the upcoming days.

2011-02-02 21:17 UTC:
The flight was a success beyond belief. The active roll controller worked incredibly well (at the very end it hit a resonant frequency of the PID controller and started to oscillate, otherwise kept the rocket very stable). The videos are amazing, will try to get them available soon.

2011-02-02 15:29 UTC:
Rocket successfully recovered! More data and videos will follow...

2011-02-02 14:33 UTC:
We're near the landing location, and are receiving new data fix.

2011-02-02 13:12 UTC:
Landing site is a bit difficult, no plowed roads go nearby. Need to go to the site on cross-country skis. :)

2011-02-02 12:55 UTC:
A few other rockets were launched as well, now the airspace is closed. Next up, searching for Iso-Haisu.

2011-02-02 12:11 UTC:
Successful flight, the altitude data in the KML file is screwed up, it looks like the max altitude was 2330m.

2011-02-02 11:53 UTC:

2011-02-02 11:52 UTC:
Launch sequence started

2011-02-02 11:51 UTC:
Launch very soon...

2011-02-02 11:45 UTC:
ETA 5min!!

2011-02-02 11:34 UTC:
The rocket has been lifted into launch position. Final testing will commence shortly.

2011-02-02 11:00 UTC:
Iso-Haisu is on the launch pad, attaching launch tubes and then final testing will commence. ETA ~30min.

2011-02-02 10:27 UTC:
"Coyote" disappeared to a blue sky, hoping to get a radio signal.

2011-02-02 10:14 UTC:
Launch window is open. We'll launch the "Coyote" rocket first, Iso-Haisu is coming along well, ETA maybe 11-11.30 UTC.

2011-02-02 09:43 UTC:
ETA 10.30-11.00 UTC.

2011-02-02 08:55 UTC:
Everything proceeding as planned, ETA 10.00-11.00 UTC.

2011-02-02 07:23 UTC:
Everything looking good, launch window opens in 2.5 hours. Lets see if we get everything ready by then.

2011-02-02 07:17 UTC:
Audio stream is up and running, and the sky just cleared!

2011-02-02 07:07 UTC:
Network up on the launch site, 100KB/s, hooray!

2011-02-02 03:24 UTC:
Rise'n'shine! Ready for a day of launching!

2011-02-01 23:15 UTC:
Things are coming together, soon for some well-deserved sleep. Wake-up in 3.5 hours. %-)

2011-02-01 21:44 UTC:
Telemetry A/D not working - we lost the temperature, one barometer, one accelerometer and the battery voltage sensors. Everything else should be ok.

2011-02-01 19:21 UTC:
Radio test successful, range easily over 3km. :-)

2011-02-01 16:14 UTC:
Work progressing well, radio functioning and GPS signals received. Weather forecast looking good.

2011-02-01 11:57 UTC:
Networking code now somewhat more robust. Tinkering continues.

2011-01-28 21:32 UTC:
Next up: Sauna!

2011-01-28 21:16 UTC:
The Icecast stream starts taking several minutes of latency, and causing slowness to the trajectory plotting as well. I'll probably kill the audio stream during flight to get that reliably through.

2011-01-28 20:21 UTC:
Some challenges have been found in the low datarate streaming, let's see if they can be resolved tomorrow.

2011-01-28 18:04 UTC:
Weather forecast looking almost too good to be true (fingers crossed)

2011-01-28 18:01 UTC:
First party arrives at the "base camp" in Artjärvi.

2011-01-21 07:59 UTC:

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