Proceedings of the Skunk Project

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Happened so far

October 2006

Project launch meeting and rocket engine acquisition

November 2006

The first flight-path calculations

December 2006

Acquisition of the flight computer

January 2007

Ignition system test

February 2007

Flight computer test

March 2007

Reconnaissance of the launch range

Landing system release test

April 2007

Fluid system test

June 2007

Flight computer and landing system release systems integration test

August 2007

Acquisition of the flight camera and radio link

Fluid and ignition systems integration test

Rocket engine static burn test

January 2008

Acquisition of the rocket frame

February 2008

Building of the rocket frame started

Air space reservation done

Land owners permission for the launch range obtained

March 2008

The first flight of the Skunk

April 2008

The Skunk at the Model Expo exhibition

May 2008

The Skunk at the advanced rocketry course of Pollux and SATS

July 2008

The Skunk at the Cygnus-camp of Ursa

September 2008

The second flight of the Skunk

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